This is an internet radio station with only Dark Ambient and Horror music. Not the kind of pompous music often heard in horror movies. This is a slow and crawling kind of horror. The sort of which soothes and scares in equal measures. Feel free to contact me by mail if you have questions or want to have your music playing here.


Lots of more music! 29 albums to be exact! First up I got 7 albums from Black Drone. Asbaar - Corona Veil Aurei, Aspectee - Jour Cing, CrepusculaR - Deep Slow Majesty, Dim Arcana - Ars Popul and Yersinia, Whispers of Ghosts - Simultaneous Silence. VoidWork - Horror, Forsaken.

Moreover, I got music from Synthetic Mind Decay, Shane Morris, Marax, Altus and Kraai. And of course, what would an update be without Kirill Platonkin?